What if stories were alive?

What if they could adapt, learn, breed and evolve?



We’re creating a completely new technology that’s going to transform the way people consume and create animated movies. Powered by machine learning and crowd creativity, our platform allows every story to be evergreen.

We democratize creation, allowing anyone to influence the story and see the impact that changing dialogue, characters, actions, or even the whole story universe has on how the story unfolds.



We've unlocked the DNA of stories.


Christopher Sjöholm has been a Creative Director, Producer and VFX Supervisor for over fifteen years, leading some of the biggest and most successful game franchises in the world.

He holds a degree in math and computer science from Boston University and helped develop early motion capture tools, fluid simulation systems and talking animal techniques. Since transitioning to the creative side, he’s led multiple Oscar-nominated visual effects projects (such as Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe, Stuart Little and Babe), and has directed live action commercials for leading brands at Rhythm & Hues, an Academy award-winning VFX facility in Los Angeles, CA.

Seeking new technical and creative challenges, Christopher joined the gaming industry in 2005. In his capacity as Creative Director, Studio Art Director and Producer he received multiple awards for his work at EA and Activision for games including skateFight Night Round 3, Prototype 2 and FIFA. 

Ben Cole was North American Head of Software for MPC, the world's largest Visual Effects facility. With over twenty years of software experience, Ben is an industry expert in the fields of 2D/3D Computer Graphics, Physical and Crowd Simulation and Production Pipelines.  Ben has a long list of movie credits, highlights include Watchmen, Man of Steel, Godzilla, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Oscar winning Life of Pi.

Ben's passion lies in the fusion of creative expression, technology and the new frontiers of storytelling. His career has been dedicated to creating technological solutions that enrich the palette of creative possibilities and help people to realize their increasingly complex artistic visions.  He studied artificial intelligence at Sussex University.  He is also a published author of both fiction and non-fiction.

In 2015, Ben was awarded an Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Technical Achievement Award ("a sci-tech Oscar") for the design of Kali, MPC's FEM based destruction system, and for helping to "establish finite element methods as a new reference point for believable on-screen destruction."